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General Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Posted on 02 November 2010 by admin

We all have our questions regarding carpet cleaning . Since we are regular individuals who do not really have any training when it comes to carpet care or manufacturing, we would like for the answers to be simple and practical. Below are some of the more common carpet cleaning inquiries that owners really must know by heart.

Are all methods for cleaning carpets the same?

No, different carpets are made of various materials and in some instances need to be cared for in a different way. Delicate hand woven carpets should be cleaned with a vacuum without a rotating head as it may snag the fibers and damage it. Most of the commercial carpets conversely are kept clean and fresh looking by using such a vacuum with a rotating head. It is best to ask the manufacturer these details when you purchase it in order to keep your carpet looking vibrant longer.

How many times a week should I vacuum my carpet? Experts recommend once a week but if a lot of people visit your house then you would have to vacuum more frequently.

If I spill something on the carpet should I leave it to the professionals? When you spill something on the carpet you must act quickly. Keep blotting the area with a clean white rag. Do not rub since we do not want the liquid seeping deeper into the carpet fibers. If needed use a teaspoon of liquid soap mixed with a pint of water then blot. Do not wet the area too much. Rinse the soap out gently and with as little water as you can then dry the area with a hair dryer.   

Do the stain removers I see on TV work? I would be wary of using it since carpet fibers are dyed differently and using a strong chemical on them might fade it. If the soap and water does not remove the stain try a little dry cleaning fluid or call a professional carpet cleaning service. It is best to be safe than sorry.

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