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How To Dry a Wool Rug After Steam Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 30 December 2010 by admin

We love to try “do it yourself” projects, and although there is nothing wrong with trying to be self sufficient or stretching your dollar  we have to be prepared for the possibility that our first ventures may not come out the way we had imagined. Let us look at carpet cleaning, there are now quite a number of carpet cleaning steam devices that promise to “deep” clean carpets. The challenge is that these devices wet the carpets and aside from sucking some of the moisture out it does not really thoroughly dry the carpeting. Carpets made of Wool have the potential to become more over wet than other carpets because it readily absorbs more water. Because it retains more water it also dries more slowly so one needs to help it dry faster to avoid mold growing in it.

First the rug needs to be hung outside for it to dry quicker. Hang the rug from a rope that is securely tied just like in a clothesline. Take a stick and beat the rug so that the excess moisture is shaken and released from it. First take care of one side and then transfer to the other side, repeat this until no more water is dripping from the rug. Leave the rug hanging on the rope and exposed to the sun. Do not hang the rug outside if it is raining or snowing. If it starts to rain then hang it inside but be sure to rotate it after several hours. Once the rug is thoroughly dried beat the rug again to work out any stiffness that hanging caused.

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Carpet Cleaning and Asthma Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

Posted on 27 December 2010 by admin


In the market place anti-asthma and allergy friendly products is a 10 billion dollar a year industry. This amount does not even include medication, only consumer products that are non-medicinal in nature are included. This is the reason why a wide range of products from toys to beddings, carpet cleaning vacuums to stand alone air cleaners are marketed each year. Each product’s selling point may vary from being suitable for people with asthmas and allergies to dispelling allergen accumulation and some better overall heath. The challenge is the absence of a government set standard for such products. Since that is the case a well known nonprofit organization combating asthma and allergic ailments, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America thought it best to methodically test and recognize consumer goods that are better suited for individuals with allergies and asthma and set standards to protect consumers.

An area that households would be interested in when it comes to asthma and allergy prevention is of course cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a facet of household cleaning that parents and even single individuals take seriously as there are many vacuum cleaners claiming to better help asthma and allergy prevention. The AAFA vacuum cleaner standard includes testing in 1. Removing allergen-containing dust from carpets 2. Airborne allergen levels while vacuuming 3.  integrity of the unit’s air filtration system as well as 4. Individual’s exposure to allergens when he or she is emptying the dust holder or bag change. If the vacuum cleaner has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to trap tiny particles there is a greater probability that it does positively impact asthma and allergy prevention. For a list of vacuum cleaners that the AAFA has already certified go to their webiste

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Reasons Why Green Carpet Cleaning is Catching On

Posted on 22 December 2010 by admin

You have heard it over and over how we need to become more earth friendly in our daily lives and you may even be practicing some methods of cutting your carbon footprints but are you really aware of why you need to become more earth friendly even in something so mundane as carpet cleaning? Numerous individuals have an idea that maintaining and saving our environment can be compartmentalized into showing support for the rain forests and other headline worthy causes. People fail to consider that small adjustments in their daily lives can help the cause in big ways when put together, below are some of the benefits and indeed reasons why greener practices are advisable.


Outdoor Environment Benefit

The harmful chemicals and water mixture that are sometimes used in carpet cleaning procedure is generally discarded in drains, streets or worse yet open ground. This is of course very damaging to the environment. These chemicals have the capacity to pollute our surroundings from the air around us to the food you consume. Using safer carpet cleaning methods will lessen the chemicals that find their way into your homes, water and food.

Indoor environment Benefit

Petroleum is the base for a majority of conventional cleaning products that are in the market today. This substance is quite damaging to our environment. There have been studies that show petroleum based chemicals having a harmful effect on our immune and nervous system. If our immune and or nervous systems are compromised it can cause a variety of serious illnesses like neurological disorders, auto immune disorders, asthma, allergies and many more.

Supporting Green carpet cleaning and indeed using safer methods of cleaning your home will have not only a positive effect on your family’s health but the environment as well.

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Carpet Cleaning Services-Why is it Necessary?

Carpet Cleaning Services-Why is it Necessary?

Posted on 20 December 2010 by admin

If you are hesitating on hiring a carpet cleaning service because you think that it is not all that important then please read on so you can be better informed about what these services bring to the table with regard to your carpet cleanliness and maintenance.

With vacuum cleaners and do it yourself carpet cleaning steam machines on the market one might have the opinion that hiring professional cleaning services for ones’ carpet is no longer needed.

This view may seem logical but only because we are not able to see beneath the surface. Home steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners are for the most part designed to remove surface dirt. If you look at the picture to your left you will see that professional equipment is far more powerful than the at home steam machines that one can use. The professional steam equipment is able to penetrate the carpet fibers and into the pile for deep cleaning. This is why although some know the method as steam cleaning the more apt description is actually deep cleaning. Another major difference when it comes to at home steaming and professional services is the fact that at home or the do it yourself process is only two step, vacuuming and carpet steaming while professional services are comprised of several more steps to ensure thorough cleaning. Some of the additional steps include pre-treatment which is applied after vacuuming and before steaming as well as stain removal and others. Be warned however that not all carpet cleaning services are”Professional”. Others claim to be but are not and will not be able to deliver the same standard of cleanliness that carpet manufacturers advise. Be sure to get sevices that are properly certified and are open about charges and the services included.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs Part 2

Posted on 17 December 2010 by admin

Our first discussion did not even scratch the surface of the common questions that stumps men and women about their carpet cleaning so we decided to add to our first article.

Can vacuuming excessively harm my carpet?  No, in fact some experts claim that daily vacuum cleaning can help keep the carpet looking fresh longer.

There are many kinds of professional carpet cleaning, which is the most advisable and who do I call? For most carpet cleaning services the hot water extraction method is the most common, although other methods like dry foam powder, rotary shampoo and bonnet cleaning are also good.

If I buy a steam carpet cleaning machine and use that, do I still need to have my carpet professionally cleaned? Yes you still need to, what steam cleaning carpet machines do is it prolongs the time between professional cleaning plus your carpet is cleaner between professional cleaning appointments.

My carpet is treated with stain retardants, will cleaning products or solvents damage the retardents? Some types can harm it or fade carpet colors so it is best to check the chemical on a non-conspicious spot first.

Are more expensive equipment when it comes to carpet cleaning better than cheaper ones? Not necessarily, the best piece of equipment for your carpet depends on the features your carpet will need and not the price. Some vacuums have special attachments that some types of carpets need but others don’t so choose wisely.

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samsung vacbot

Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Carpet Cleaning made Easy

Posted on 14 December 2010 by admin

Our carpeting is very important in our homes as it gives us comfort. Carpets are able to help keep our homes warm, muffle noise and with its myriad designs make our floors pleasing to look at. Is it a wonder that carpet cleaning and maintenance is often discussed in magazines, blogs and TV shows?

In all these shows, magazines and online forums experts will always tell you at least three things about carpet cleaning. Experts will always tell you to have your carpets cleaned by professionals at least once a year, next is that when there are spills or stains on the carpet it should be dealt with as soon as possible and last but not the least vacuum the carpet regularly.

For the last rule of vacuuming carpets regularly specialists are split on how often one should vacuum for optimum results. Some experts recommend that once a week is enough for most households but one may need to vacuum more frequently if they have pets or young children. Others who are at the other end of the spectrum believe that vacuuming everyday is best. Although cleaning as often as possible may be optimal the reality for most is that they just do not have time to vacuum the carpet every day.

Enter the next generation vacuum cleaners to make sure you are able to regularly vacuum your carpets as often as you need to. There are now more players to the robot vacuum industry than the iRobot’s Roomba such as the LG’s Roboking which has a lower clearance to better clean under furniture and is quieter than other robot vacuum cleaners, the Neato XV-11 on the other hand deviates from the traditional round shape and takes on a rectangular one to better clean corners. If you want a cleaning robot and added security then the Samsung Tango is perfect for you as it has a surveillance camera on it.

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Open Your Cabinet and Find Carpet Cleaning Helpers

Posted on 11 December 2010 by admin

 My mother is a very organized person and while growing up we would always sort things according to their use, so carpet cleaning solutions under the sink, detergents in the laundry cabinet and so on. This also meant that sometimes the rules are quite rigid meaning a specific item or product is used for a specific function. When I had started my own household however I found through my interactions with others and research that quite a number of common items can take the place of some of the products one uses to clean on a daily basis and that you need not purchase so many chemicals in order to effectively clean ones house.

Acetone is a great example of a common household item that you would never think of using as a carpet cleaning stain remover. For food stains like peanut butter on the carpet  after scraping off the excess you can using a dropper slowly put small amounts of acetone on the stain. Next, quickly blot off the acetone and stain with a white paper towel.

Another cabinet dweller turned carpet cleaner is rubbing alcohol. For example if the carpet has grass stains just mix water and rubbing alcohol in a recycled spray bottle. Spritz stains with the water and alcohol solution then let it soak for a few minutes. Next, use a sponge to blot the stained areas. When the grass stains have been eliminated rinse the carpet by spraying it with water then blot dry with a clean white rag.

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books on paper towels

Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine

Posted on 09 December 2010 by admin

For many of us our pets are part of our family, it would be perfect however if they could also learn how to use the bathroom. Alas a perfect world it is not and our pets do have accidents. The good news is carpet cleaning these issues are not that hard as long as we are able to do it in a timely manner.

First and foremost when it comes to our pet’s “accidents” time is of the essence. This is because it will not only soak to the padding which means you’ll have to replace said padding but the urine can also harm the carpet itself and alter the carpet’s color. So when you see the liquid immediately blot it off with a clean white rag or paper towels. Place some weight on the paper towels for better absorption. Then mix ¼ tsp of mild dishwashing soap and one cup of water. Spray this on the area with the urine then blot it off with paper towels. Do this a couple of times to ensure the stain as well as the odor is removed. Rinse with water by sponging the spot and blotting dry.  

Lastly, cover the formerly stained spot with one dozen to two dozen paper towels depending on how wet the area still is. Then place several books over the paper towels for moisture to transfer to it better. Do this several times for faster drying.

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bucket with stuff

Ammonia Solution – A Surprising Carpet Cleaning Formula

Posted on 07 December 2010 by admin

Ammonia is usually thought of as a bathroom cleanser. I often remember my mother using it for cleaning that room. This household cleaner however is more versatile than others would think,  it can also used to remove stains from other surfaces in your home. If you mix it with water in different proportions then you will be able to clean different surfaces. This could actually save you money because ammonia is quite cheap compared to let us say carpet stain removers that are priced from $5 onwards for a 16 0z bottle. When diluting ammonia for carpet cleaning stains you only need one tablespoonful to half cup of water.

Stubborn stains made by dark colored condiments like soy sauce and steak sauce are easily removed by ammonia solution. When condiments such as these are spilled on the carpet the procedure for taking them out are the same. You first need to blot off the extra condiments still spread on the carpet with white paper towels or a clean rag. After that mix a detergent and water solution using a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent and two cups water. Put this in a spray bottle and spritz it on the affected area. Blot the detergent solution from the carpet using paper towels. After that rinse the area using water spritzed on it and once again blotted dry. This applying of detergent solution and blotting dry you need to repeat several times. If the stubborn stains are still present then sponge the ammonia solution onto the stain taking care not to over wet the carpeting. Next, blot the area dry and rinse with water by spritzing the area of the stain with water. Blot the carpeting dry with clean white rags.

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homemade cleansers

Carpet Cleaning Products Store Bought and Homemade

Posted on 03 December 2010 by admin

Have you heard the Christmas songs being played in malls and even at the office elevators? Well the Yuletide season is definitely here and with it the planning for parties both at the office as well as in our homes. Everyone is thinking about when the party is supposed to be held as well as what party food they’ll be bringing. You on the other hand are probably planning everything from invitations to, your menu, to cleaning before the party and sadly our least favorite task cleaning after the party or worse if there are accidents, cleaning during the party.

These party spills and stains are carpet cleaning challenges which can be faced head-on with either commercial products or homemade ones. Choices these days are abundant and give options to different lifestyles! Some do prefer the store bought products like the Bissell OxyPro which can be used on carpet stains while they are still damp as well as when they have dried up 24 hours later. It is great for spaghetti, red wine, coffee and a whole host of other food and drink spills. From the homemade end you can use inexpensive hydrogen peroxide to remove stubborn stains. While the OxyPro is $6 for a 14 ounce aerosol can a 16 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide is just $2.80. You must not forget however to try any cleaning product on a sample of the carpet first just to make sure the components do not fade the carpet.

If not being earth friendly is one of your concerns then the Weiman Carpet Cleaner is not only biodegradable it is well priced at$5 for a 22 ounce container.  You can of course utilize white vinegar which is not only a stain remover but also a deodorizer and sanitizer. There are many options available to you and with a little research you’ll find one that will best suit your lifestyle.

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