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Carpet Cleaning for Cat Lovers

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Cats are known to have urine that smells stronger than other household pets. For this reason cat lovers who have carpeting at home are constantly looking for better methods or products for deodorizing and carpet cleaning.

If you see where your pet urinated then you are lucky as you can immediately start the clean up process. Unfortunately we do not observe our cats 24/7 so more often than not we can smell an accident occurred but will not be able to pinpoint its location. This is when a black fluorescent light comes in handy. Don’t worry it is not hard to use and even easier to purchase as any Wal-Mart or Home Depot outlet sells them. When looking for the spot on the carpet where the urine was deposited, instead of using the regular fluorescent bulb, use a black fluorescent one instead. When this light is turned on the soiled areas will appear as yellow splatters.

Now that you have identified the areas where the cat accidents happened then carpet cleaning can begin. If you were able to witness your cat relieve himself, then as soon as possible blot the area with paper towels. Keep blotting and replacing the towels with dry ones whenever the towels become wet. If you identified the soiled area with the black light and the urine has already dried moisten the spot with water then proceed with the blotting process. Next use 1/2 cup white vinegar mixed with a cup of warm water then place the mix in a pail. Wet a clean rag in the pail and use it to blot the stain on the carpeting. Let the solution air dry then rinse away any residue using different rag moistened in water. After that blot the area again with a dry rag and let the area air dry.

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