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Carpet Cleaning is Turning Green

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More and more people are actively searching for ways to be more environmentally friendly. We are all trying to preserve the earth and make it more environmentally safe. Most of us have grown up with commercial products that include chemicals which not only harm our environment but could also hurt our health. However these days because we are so busy we sometimes become fond of cleaning with toxic chemicals even for carpet stains because it is faster. This habit however may prove risky for your children and pets because not only might they inhale harmful fumes but the chemicals used for cleaning can stay intact in the carpet and rub off on your child or pets’ skin.

You can lessen the risks posed by these chemicals by utilizing the following two ingredients.

Baking Soda-Baking on Carpeting

Baking soda is an ingredient that is in the cupboard of a majority of people and has been used for generations to help keep the house clean and yes even our carpets clean. Mainly this is used on carpeting to get rid of odors. To use this is quite simple, spread the baking soda on the carpet then leave it for a couple of hours. It will then absorb the unpleasant smell, finally vacuum the soiled area. This technique is often used when the family pet has had an “accident” on the carpet.

Vinegar Solutions

Another eco-friendly carpet cleaning practice is to make use of vinegar. Vinegar is considerably cheaper than carpet stain removers as well as being non-toxic. Vinegar is mixed with water for carpet cleaning but the ratio of water to vinegar differs depending on how serious the stain is. Some use one part vinegar to 4 parts water while others as strong as one part vinegar and one part water. Vinegar is also a disinfect so it kills germs as well as remove stains.

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