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Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine

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For many of us our pets are part of our family, it would be perfect however if they could also learn how to use the bathroom. Alas a perfect world it is not and our pets do have accidents. The good news is carpet cleaning these issues are not that hard as long as we are able to do it in a timely manner.

First and foremost when it comes to our pet’s “accidents” time is of the essence. This is because it will not only soak to the padding which means you’ll have to replace said padding but the urine can also harm the carpet itself and alter the carpet’s color. So when you see the liquid immediately blot it off with a clean white rag or paper towels. Place some weight on the paper towels for better absorption. Then mix ¼ tsp of mild dishwashing soap and one cup of water. Spray this on the area with the urine then blot it off with paper towels. Do this a couple of times to ensure the stain as well as the odor is removed. Rinse with water by sponging the spot and blotting dry.  

Lastly, cover the formerly stained spot with one dozen to two dozen paper towels depending on how wet the area still is. Then place several books over the paper towels for moisture to transfer to it better. Do this several times for faster drying.

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