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Carpet Cleaning Products Store Bought and Homemade

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Have you heard the Christmas songs being played in malls and even at the office elevators? Well the Yuletide season is definitely here and with it the planning for parties both at the office as well as in our homes. Everyone is thinking about when the party is supposed to be held as well as what party food they’ll be bringing. You on the other hand are probably planning everything from invitations to, your menu, to cleaning before the party and sadly our least favorite task cleaning after the party or worse if there are accidents, cleaning during the party.

These party spills and stains are carpet cleaning challenges which can be faced head-on with either commercial products or homemade ones. Choices these days are abundant and give options to different lifestyles! Some do prefer the store bought products like the Bissell OxyPro which can be used on carpet stains while they are still damp as well as when they have dried up 24 hours later. It is great for spaghetti, red wine, coffee and a whole host of other food and drink spills. From the homemade end you can use inexpensive hydrogen peroxide to remove stubborn stains. While the OxyPro is $6 for a 14 ounce aerosol can a 16 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide is just $2.80. You must not forget however to try any cleaning product on a sample of the carpet first just to make sure the components do not fade the carpet.

If not being earth friendly is one of your concerns then the Weiman Carpet Cleaner is not only biodegradable it is well priced at$5 for a 22 ounce container.  You can of course utilize white vinegar which is not only a stain remover but also a deodorizer and sanitizer. There are many options available to you and with a little research you’ll find one that will best suit your lifestyle.

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