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Ho ho ho…Oh No! Post Party Carpet Cleaning Part 2

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Thanksgiving and the Yuletide season are just around the corner and despite the fact that everyone can agree that we love this time of the year, it also causes us stress. We adore getting together with close friends and family as it recharges our spirits and brings us joy, what causes us tension is the planning, “accidents” during parties and of course the clean up afterwards.

Increase in carpet foot traffic is definitely going to happen with the celebrations and surprise visits to your house. Accidental spills, dirt and grime on your carpet will also increase. So below is part 2 of our helpful tips on carpet cleaning in order to make your holidays a little less stressful:

During The Party Candle Wax Spill

You can only effectively remove wax when it is dry so just blow out the candle and go ahead and party.

After The Party Candle Wax Spill

Lightly scrape off as many solidified wax as you can. If the candle was colored then you can also sponge drips with a solvent-based dry-cleaning fluid. Be careful to blot it dry not rub. Position paper napkins on top of and under the carpet stain and press with a warm not hot iron, replace towels again and again till no more wax can be absorbed. Lastly, fluff fibers when done.

During The Party Chocolate Spill

With a spoon scoop up as much melted chocolate as possible to keep it from soaking any further.

After The Party Chocolate Spill

Apply dry-cleaning solvent using a sponge or spray it on and then blot it off with a clean white rag, a sponge or paper towels. Afterwards, rinse and then blot dry. Keep blotting and replacing the paper towels once they are wet with new ones till the carpet is as dry as you can make it.

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