How To Dry a Wool Rug After Steam Carpet Cleaning

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We love to try “do it yourself” projects, and although there is nothing wrong with trying to be self sufficient or stretching your dollar  we have to be prepared for the possibility that our first ventures may not come out the way we had imagined. Let us look at carpet cleaning, there are now quite a number of carpet cleaning steam devices that promise to “deep” clean carpets. The challenge is that these devices wet the carpets and aside from sucking some of the moisture out it does not really thoroughly dry the carpeting. Carpets made of Wool have the potential to become more over wet than other carpets because it readily absorbs more water. Because it retains more water it also dries more slowly so one needs to help it dry faster to avoid mold growing in it.

First the rug needs to be hung outside for it to dry quicker. Hang the rug from a rope that is securely tied just like in a clothesline. Take a stick and beat the rug so that the excess moisture is shaken and released from it. First take care of one side and then transfer to the other side, repeat this until no more water is dripping from the rug. Leave the rug hanging on the rope and exposed to the sun. Do not hang the rug outside if it is raining or snowing. If it starts to rain then hang it inside but be sure to rotate it after several hours. Once the rug is thoroughly dried beat the rug again to work out any stiffness that hanging caused.

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