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Is it for Carpet Cleaning or is it Carpet Fading?

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Sometimes when we see that our carpet has lost its vibrant nature we usually think that all it needs is a good carpet cleaning by professionals and that will do it. Although this may be the case for more than 80% of carpet cleaning issues another factor could be the reason why your carpets are losing their color faster than most.

Do not automatically assume that only dirt can change the color of your carpet, another factor that could be accelerating the aged look of your lovely flooring could be sunlight. Fading can be caused by ultraviolet light, visible light from our sun and even heat. Awnings, shade from trees and overhangs can help because they either block or diffuse the sunlight.

Another tactic one can use is controlling the light that the carpet is exposed to by blocking the sun with curtains or shades. The drawback however is the loss of natural light. Recently a new method has been used, window film tints. These are thin and feel like plastic. It is installed to the inside portion of the window. They reflect heat, block UV rays and reduce visible light minimally.
These tints are now easily bought at the Do it yourself corners of a hardware store or home improvement centers. They come with instructions and are quite easy to install using only a soapy solution. Note that these come in different gradations of tints from the low-e films to the darker ones, those however block more visible light.

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