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Mud-A Winter Carpet Cleaning Test

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Carpets give not only color but it also adds comfort to any room. The colors and designs brighten any space up and they are so comfortable to walk on. This enjoyment for our feet does not end there, it also contributes to the insulation of the room as well as muffles sounds. Unfortunately all goods things have a sacrifice attached to it and that is that it’s not the easiest flooring to keep clean or to maintain. This season is particularly challenging as snow will almost always will bring mud not only to your doorstep but also on your carpet. There are however simple steps you can take to minimize mud ending up on your carpet and even if they do how to remove them and keep your flooring looking vibrant and new.

In order to mud-proof stain your carpeting a simple but very effective technique is to use door mats. These low-tech items can drastically lessen the amount of mud that will touch your carpet. For best results use two per door that leads to the outside. At the outer side use a rough door mat to scrape off the coarser mud pieces and immediately once you have crossed the door’s threshold another mat which is made of absorbent material to take care of the finer mud particles and moisture.

When mud does make it into your home and onto your carpet pick up the big pieces of mud, then use a spoon to scour the bits that are easy to remove from the fibers. Note that this needs to be done cautiously so as not to spread mud more. After that let the remaining elements dry making sure no one else steps on the area. Once the mud has dried utilize a brush to carefully loosen the dirt and remove them by using a vacuum cleaner. If their is still a stain spray a small amount of gentle dishwashing soap and water on it then blot dry with paper towels. Repeat this till stain fades. Finally rinse the spot by spraying it with water and once again blotting the area with paper towels to dry.

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