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Open Your Cabinet and Find Carpet Cleaning Helpers

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 My mother is a very organized person and while growing up we would always sort things according to their use, so carpet cleaning solutions under the sink, detergents in the laundry cabinet and so on. This also meant that sometimes the rules are quite rigid meaning a specific item or product is used for a specific function. When I had started my own household however I found through my interactions with others and research that quite a number of common items can take the place of some of the products one uses to clean on a daily basis and that you need not purchase so many chemicals in order to effectively clean ones house.

Acetone is a great example of a common household item that you would never think of using as a carpet cleaning stain remover. For food stains like peanut butter on the carpet  after scraping off the excess you can using a dropper slowly put small amounts of acetone on the stain. Next, quickly blot off the acetone and stain with a white paper towel.

Another cabinet dweller turned carpet cleaner is rubbing alcohol. For example if the carpet has grass stains just mix water and rubbing alcohol in a recycled spray bottle. Spritz stains with the water and alcohol solution then let it soak for a few minutes. Next, use a sponge to blot the stained areas. When the grass stains have been eliminated rinse the carpet by spraying it with water then blot dry with a clean white rag.

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