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Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Carpet Cleaning made Easy

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Our carpeting is very important in our homes as it gives us comfort. Carpets are able to help keep our homes warm, muffle noise and with its myriad designs make our floors pleasing to look at. Is it a wonder that carpet cleaning and maintenance is often discussed in magazines, blogs and TV shows?

In all these shows, magazines and online forums experts will always tell you at least three things about carpet cleaning. Experts will always tell you to have your carpets cleaned by professionals at least once a year, next is that when there are spills or stains on the carpet it should be dealt with as soon as possible and last but not the least vacuum the carpet regularly.

For the last rule of vacuuming carpets regularly specialists are split on how often one should vacuum for optimum results. Some experts recommend that once a week is enough for most households but one may need to vacuum more frequently if they have pets or young children. Others who are at the other end of the spectrum believe that vacuuming everyday is best. Although cleaning as often as possible may be optimal the reality for most is that they just do not have time to vacuum the carpet every day.

Enter the next generation vacuum cleaners to make sure you are able to regularly vacuum your carpets as often as you need to. There are now more players to the robot vacuum industry than the iRobot’s Roomba such as the LG’s Roboking which has a lower clearance to better clean under furniture and is quieter than other robot vacuum cleaners, the Neato XV-11 on the other hand deviates from the traditional round shape and takes on a rectangular one to better clean corners. If you want a cleaning robot and added security then the Samsung Tango is perfect for you as it has a surveillance camera on it.

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