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Selling your House? Start the cleanup with Carpet Cleaning

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If you want to sell your house quickly then maintaining its cleanliness is crucial. The prospective buyers are of course looking for houses that are well kept and maintained and one of the hallmarks of a well maintained home is how clean it is. The buyers will make it a point to notice the condition of the walls, flooring and carpets. These are actually hints to buyers that the owners were able to satisfactorily retain the integrity of the house, repairing damages and that no hidden leaks will sooner than later reveal itself once the house is purchased.

When selling a house, the floor can definitely impact how a buyer views the property. If a room has carpeting then you must vacuum the area and take out as much dust and grime as possible. If you can manage it use one with a beater bar and brush. Remember to replace the vacuum bag and set it to the proper distance from the carpet pile. A good technique is to vacuum the carpet and to change directions every so often to pick up as maximum dust and soil. Also keep an eye out for the places where spot cleaning is needed. After vacuum cleaning use a spot cleaner to remove stains and clean high foot traffic areas.

For coffee, grease, ink or chocolate stains an easy fix is to apply a dry cleaning solvent or alcohol then blot the spot till it is almost dry. You may air dry the area or use a hair drier. If you have light colored carpets and dark stain on them first soak the stain with water. Then blot the spot, afterwards put hydrogen peroxide it then blot.

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