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Solutions For Carpet Cleaning Challenges

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Has it ever happened to you that something spilled or was stuck on your carpet and you had no clue what to do? When it comes to carpet cleaning vacuuming seems to be the only thing a majority of us know about. I suppose that stems from the fact that our mothers made carpet cleaning look really simple with just the vacuum cleaner on hand. It lulled us into a false sense of security that cleaning carpets was a cinch and that we did not need to ask mom about special tips on it. The following are solutions to some carpet cleaning problems that most of us regularly encounter but probably do not have an effective solution too.

Ashes on the carpet-If you have friends or visitors who smoke you’ll definitely need this piece of advice. Dust the stain with cornstarch and let it sit for about an hour then vacuum the spot. Next, moisten a clean white rag with dry cleaning solution and dab it onto the ash stain. Blot the spot dry with paper towels. If thee stain is still there repeat the sponging of the dry cleaning solution and blotting a couple of times.

Dried Carpet Stains- Mix 1/4 teaspoon of mild dish washing liquid detergent with a cupful of water. Keep this in a spray bottle. Moisten a clean rag with the dish washing solution  and blot the stain with it. When the stain starts fading blot the carpet with another clean rag. Repeat this till the stain is gone. Afterwards rinse the area with water using a spray bottle and then blot dry with paper towels.

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