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Inexpensive New Brushes Available

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Daimer is just releasing item after item lately. This time they have shipped new detail brushes for their KleenJet Ultra 5000CV vacuum steam cleaners. No big deal right? Well these brushes only cost $2.50. They come available in an assortment of bristle options and equal competitor’s detail brushes that retail for around $20.

According to Daimer, replacement brushes account for just over 95% of many customers’ consumable costs. Commercial customers can use over 100 brushes over the life of a machine. And for the 5000CV that would come out to around $250 if acquired by Daimer. The equivalent would run around $2000 if you were to use another vendor. Yikes!

A spokesperson for Daimer says that “our key customer benefit has always been to provide top quality systems, covered by full warranties and focus on offering the lowest cost of ownership”. “This 5000CV brush announcement is another step toward lowering costs and saving money for commercial and residential customers.”

The 5000CV unit accepts brushes with 3 different types of bristles. These are steel (used for the difficult jobs), brass (for standard jobs), and nylon (for softer materials). The 5000CV also features non rusting steel boiler components that are covered by a complete life span warranty. The bases and machine covers of the unit are steel. And the machine’s parts are warrantied for 3 years.

So once again we have improved equipment at better prices. I don’t see how there’s such a disparity between Daimer’s brush prices and the competition. To save 8 times the cost for brushes over the life of a unit is crazy.

New Brushes

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