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The Carpet Cleaners in Marietta

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Marietta Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaners in Marietta provide great and affordable services for Marietta and the surrounding areas. From carpet cleaning to car mats, hardwood to upholstery, these certified technicians know their way around flooring and other similar cleaning services.

Spot Removal Experts in Marietta

Experts recommend you get your carpet cleaned by a professional at least once a year. This will not only revive your carpet but also help to maximize the life of it. Carpet is too expensive to replace on a whim. Maintaining it with yearly steam cleaning will not only keep it looking beautiful but will also protect your investment.

Regular carpet cleaning will also improve the quality of your home’s environment. Carpet collects a number of allergens and other microscopic pests. These invisible nuisances can lead to a number of health issues. Carpet cleaners in Marietta use hot water extraction to rid your carpet of dustmites, bacteria, and other hazards that can lead to allergy symptoms, breathing problems, and other ailments. You may be surprised by how much the air quality has improved in your home after a thorough steam cleaning.

The carpet cleaning companies in Marietta employ skilled technicians who are qualified to handle any carpet issue. They also provide cleaning and maintenance services for tile and grout, vinyl floors, area rugs, upholstery, odor and spot removal, and a number of other residential and commercial needs.

All you need to do is call one of your local carpet cleaning services to find out that these technicians are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable. They utilize all of the newest state of the art equipment with proficiency and efficiency.
The quotes are free. So pick up the phone and find out what they can do for you.

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Inexpensive New Brushes Available

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Daimer is just releasing item after item lately. This time they have shipped new detail brushes for their KleenJet Ultra 5000CV vacuum steam cleaners. No big deal right? Well these brushes only cost $2.50. They come available in an assortment of bristle options and equal competitor’s detail brushes that retail for around $20.

According to Daimer, replacement brushes account for just over 95% of many customers’ consumable costs. Commercial customers can use over 100 brushes over the life of a machine. And for the 5000CV that would come out to around $250 if acquired by Daimer. The equivalent would run around $2000 if you were to use another vendor. Yikes!

A spokesperson for Daimer says that “our key customer benefit has always been to provide top quality systems, covered by full warranties and focus on offering the lowest cost of ownership”. “This 5000CV brush announcement is another step toward lowering costs and saving money for commercial and residential customers.”

The 5000CV unit accepts brushes with 3 different types of bristles. These are steel (used for the difficult jobs), brass (for standard jobs), and nylon (for softer materials). The 5000CV also features non rusting steel boiler components that are covered by a complete life span warranty. The bases and machine covers of the unit are steel. And the machine’s parts are warrantied for 3 years.

So once again we have improved equipment at better prices. I don’t see how there’s such a disparity between Daimer’s brush prices and the competition. To save 8 times the cost for brushes over the life of a unit is crazy.

New Brushes

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Bissell Enters Carpet Cleaner Rental Market

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Bissell Enters Carpet Cleaner Rental Market

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So it seems that Bissell is getting into the rental business. I just read that they plan on setting up areas that will rent their Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine and its accompanying products. Apparently of the 800 stores they plan on launching in several hundred of them will be Lowe’s. Bissell will be charging $24.99 a day for rentals plus the cost of chemicals and any other attachments that may be needed.

One of Bissell’s main competitors will be the Rug Doctor, whom Bissell believes they will have a leg up on. They say that their machine is faster and easier to use than other similar units. The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine has rotating Dirtlifter brushes that rotate backwards and forwards and a DryAire function that heats the carpet to help speed up drying times. The units also have a removable tank for clean and waste water. The pricing and the kiosk set up will be similar to that of Rug Doctor. But it appears that the main difference could possibly be in the cost of buying one of the units. Bissell plans on selling their Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine for around $400 while the Rug Doctor unit starts out around $600.

Bissell believes that they can become the leader in the carpet cleaner rental market. They feel that even though the market may be a bit slow now, it still has the potential to hit several hundred million dollars in sales annually. This is apparently enough motivation for them to branch out with this addition to their business.

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