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When Carpet Cleaning is not Enough…Repairing a Carpet

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Sometimes carpet cleaning is not able to take away a stain or perhaps a tear in carpeting. If that happens and if the area is small enough a good option might be to replace that small area instead buying carpet for the whole room. When done the right way this method repairs torn or stained area with little or no visible traces.
Locate leftover pieces of the carpet from the initial installation so that the coloring and perhaps light fading is the same. Should this not be available you may cut out a piece from a place that is not normally visible like the inside of a closet for your repair piece. Next, cut the piece to the correct size by positioning an empty can on the repair pieces’ nap side. Then press down hard, the rim will make an impression and you can cut around it using a utility knife. Do not forget to indicate the nap’s direction by using a tape. Place an arrow marking the nap’s direction on the repair piece. Also note the direction of the nap in the damaged spot. It is important to align the directions of the repair area and the piece to be inserted. If this is not done the repaired area will become obvious.
It is now time to outline the damaged spot by utilizing the exact can you used to trim the repair piece. You will then see the impression it (the can) left and you will be able to cut along it with a sharp knife. You may now insert the carpet tape. It is noteworthy though to cut the carpet tape 2 to 3 inches wider than the diameter of the spot so that it does not come out of the opening.

Use two or more tape strips if needed to cover the opening properly.

Next, now that the tape is in position place the repair piece on it noting the direction of the nap. Press the piece firmly into position. Make sure you put press extra hard around the edges to work the fibers of the replacement piece into the carpeting around it. Finally when the piece is in place observe if any carpet fibers are not the same height, after all there is extra tape under that spot and it might be slightly higher than the surrounding area. If this is the case flatly lay scissors across the repaired area and slowly trim the area just so it is even with its surroundings. Then to fully set the repair piece place heavy books on it for a day or two.

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